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My name is Alan Frost. I graduated from the Copenhagen Business School in 2003 with an M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration - Management of Technology. The focus of my education was on understanding the dynamics of the technology intensive organization with a particular emphasis on innovation. The program therefore included subjects such as organizational learning, organizational memory, knowledge management, and so on.

My masters thesis, written together with Yosuke Ueda, was a theoretical paper titled "Knowledge Management and the Role of IT". I created this site so as to have a forum where I can develop and expand upon the ideas presented in our thesis and merge them with more recent developments. This site is therefore loosely based upon that paper.

I currently run Wordcraft Marketing, a Danish marketing and translations agency based in Copenhagen.

Contact info: alan[at]knowledge-management-tools[dot]net

Alan Frost M.Sc., 2010 - Updated 2015

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Download "A Synthesis of Knowledge Management Failure Factors" by Alan Frost. Free paper released Jan. 2014.

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