Knowledge Retention Books

Below you can find my recommended knowledge retention books. As in all other sections, I have personally read and reviewed the books presented below.

Knowledge Retention: Strategies and Solutions
by Jay Liebowitz (2009)
My Review (5/5) 

This is a book that deals with a very specific part of knowledge management (KM), namely knowledge retention (KR). KR is a discipline concerned with the managerial initiatives focused on assessing and retaining the most critical knowledge within the firm, particularly when faced with the potential loss of employees, e.g. due to retirement. It is written by one of the most recognized experts in the field of KM, and it is quite possibly the most important work within KR.

The book itself is very concise and very practically-oriented. The theory behind KR is handled in the first few chapters, and the rest of the book presents tools, including interview questions & frameworks, as well as several in-depth case studies. Some of the important elements covered in the book are: the assessment of critical knowledge, an overview of key KR techniques, learning from others, calculating knowledge loss, and the development of a KR framework. more / hide text.
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